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It was in China, under the Song dynasty (960-1279) that tea alcohol appeared for the first time. Its inventor, the poet Su Dongpo was a brilliant jack of all trades: painter, judge, philosopher, calligrapher, governor, magistrate, tutor of the future emperor Zhezong and… for his personal consumption, a tea distiller. Unfortunately the recipe disappeared over the centuries only to be reborn with the creation of Song Cha in the 21st century.


Song Cha, or the Tea of ​​Song is indeed the revival of the ancestral recipe of Su Dongpo. Song Cha is a real innovation since it is a new product but also a new category in the world of spirits.

It is a brown alcohol but it is not a Cognac or a Whisky.
It is a cocktail alcohol but it is not Gin or Vodka.
It is tea-based but it is not a liqueur.

Song Cha distills 10 fine teas from around the world to surprise tea enthusiasts and spirit lovers. Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Lapsang Souchong, Keemun, Rooibos… are now drunk on the rocks or in cocktails.

Proof if it were necessary that an innovation can arise when we question the past and not just when we imagine the future.

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