Are you old enough to drink alcohol
in your country of residence?
alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health.
consume with moderation.

Our Commitments


Because we believe that Less is More , Song Cha is a combination of only 3 ingredients:
organic tea, pure water and alcohol.

It is the quality of the tea, its terroir and our know-how that will give our products such rich and varied aromatic palettes. For that no need for sugar, flavours (even natural), preservatives. No additives….


Song Cha wants to be light, it wants to leave more traces in your taste memory than on the planet.

For this we only use teas from organic farming. In the plantations that supply us with our teas, fertilizers are replaced by composts and we favour the natural predators of tea plant pests rather than spreading insecticides.

To minimize transport, we favour production as close as possible to the place of consumption. We are therefore committed to having micro-distilleries close to our consumers rather than a large centralized production unit. Our first distillery is in France, near Cognac.

And of course our packaging is 100% recyclable and partly made from recycled materials.


Behind Song Cha there are women and men and we pay tribute to their know-how.

At the start of the chain, whenever possible, we favour Fairtrade tea so that the pickers of our teas are rewarded in the best possible way. Working conditions and training programmes are also part of the “Fair Trade” status. It is a way of defending traditional working methods and transmitting know-how.

At the other end of the chain, there is the know-how of our distillers and here too we must be grateful to them. Our French distillery has been producing spirits since 1777. The quality and beauty of the gestures handed down through several generations are an integral part of Song Cha's success.

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